The Family Camera: Start Creating

Starting Slowly For this journey to be enjoyable and sustainable as a family, I would like you to start really simply, by not putting pressure on yourself to take 'amazing' photos straight away, but to remember that you are building a foundation for your camera to

The Family Camera

Begin the Journey with Me Over the next few months, whilst we are at home and slowing down, I want to take you on a journey with our cameras, to bring them into our every day family lives, as something to enjoy, either as an activity

Photograph Your Weekend

This weekend is the perfect time to forage your camera from it's bag and create a collection of memories. They don't have to be perfect, they don't have to be spectacular, but one thing I am sure of, you will not be sad of some

Stopping Lazy Camera Habits

So many of us want to improve our camera skills, however life gets busy in the way of even our best efforts. Efforts that may be the key to life becoming less busy and more intentional. Here are four Lazy Camera Habits, we can all

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