DIY Paper Star Decorations

I made some of these last year after seeing them pop up all over my instagram feed, they are so simple to make and look so effective! You can make them any size you want and they don’t have to be just a Christmas thing. Choose bright colours for your Summer Party too!

What you Need

  • Paper of choice (a mix of complimentary patterns/colours looks great)
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Paper Cutting Knife & Board
  • Sticky Tape
  • Holepunch


How to Make Your Stars

First, cut your chosen paper so it is roughly twice as long as it is wide. They will be as round as the shortest side.

Place printed side down and make the first fold in the shortest side, turn over and make the next fold. Continue along until you reach the end. Try and make the folds as even as possible. They can be as big or small as you like – bigger folds will make a chunkier star.

You want the first and last fold to face the same way, as below.

Trim any excess as needed.

Fold your fan in half to make a V shape. Tie the fan in the middle, using string. Trim excess string at the back.

Whilst folded in half, cut your fan to a point at the end to make the points for the star (a scalpel is best for this job but you can use scissors if your paper is thin enough). If you would like any holes along the edge then cut these now too.

Stick one side of the fan together, at the back, with tape. You will then be able to fold the star back up like this to store away at the end of the season.

Pop a bit of tape over the other two ends (separately), pull them together and punch a hole where you have put the tape (the tape is to strengthen the hole for hanging).

Pull them together with some string.

Display and enjoy!

And you’re done! Hope you enjoy getting creative! Let me know what you make!