The Family Camera

Begin the Journey with Me

Over the next few months, whilst we are at home and slowing down, I want to take you on a journey with our cameras, to bring them into our every day family lives, as something to enjoy, either as an activity for our days or as a way of documenting our journey through this time.

Many of us have cameras hiding away in a cupboard or drawer somewhere, and this is simply were we are going to start for the next few days. Finding our cameras and showing them some of the sunlight they love so much.

I hope you will join me on this journey and your whole family can enjoy having the camera around more. Share the journey with me over on instagram @karenlousiegeorge and by using the hashtag #ourfamilycamera.

So, here we go…

Becoming Familiar

Familiarity is where it all starts when it comes to the whole family enjoying using the camera and having their photograph taken. And in a simple way too.

I’m not talking about knowing exactly how your camera works or what the buttons all do right now, but just to simply allow your camera to become a familiar object in your household, for yourself and the rest of your family (or friends).

Once you and your family get used to the camera being used more then everyone will be happier with being a part of creating some beautiful, interesting and natural family photographs.

This stage may take a while, especially if you and your family are so used to taking photos on your phones and/or not taking photos of each other much at all. So give it time, if you try and skip this first step then you may find capturing the natural shots doesn’t work so well later on.

Let the children get involved too, if you have any old cameras hiding away then let them use those, so they can become familiar at taking your photo too.

Don’t worry about taking perfect shots at this stage, just about making the camera part of every day life. We are not concerning ourselves with anything more than making sure the camera is always at our side, and being enjoyed by the whole family.


The camera has to come out of the drawer where it is hiding and become part of the family…



A few practical things to do…

  • Charge any batteries you have and keep them charged as you use them.
  • Keep your memory cards clear and download any photos you take often. It’s so much quicker and easier to sort a handful of photos rather than months worth!
  • Dedicate a place for your camera where it’s safe (away from sticky fingers, water and inquisitive pets for example) but easily accessible so you can use it throughout the day.

Simple is Best

So its a really simple start, but I know we are all trying to adapt to this new way of living and we don’t need any more pressure or anything to add to the list of things to do. Weaving your camera into family life should be enjoyable and sustainable so we a purposefully taking it slow…

The steps we take will develop as we go as I want to see where this journey will take us as we go together. Come and find me over on instagram @karenlouisegeorge for more.