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ready for creating your very own daylight prints at home!
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As we are all immersed in digital photography and visual arts on a daily basis, with smartphones and the internet, I know that traditional techniques of photography are something that people will be looking to experience over the coming years.

The Wild Darkroom was born out of my desire to make traditional photographic techniques accessible to everyone and create undeniably unique opportunities to photograph and work in stunning locations around the UK.


Bringing Science to Life Through Photography

Teachers: Photographic techniques are Founded in Science with  light sensitive chemicals being at the very foundation of how the medium was created. Our schools programme will offer a scientific base of learning with a very Hands on, Creative and Practical Teaching Approach.
Modules will be designed to meet curriculum needs in the sciences  and can also extended to cover mathematics where required.

Children: You will be offered the opportunity to have The Mobile  Darkroom visit your school where groups and classes can take part in  pinhole camera, cyanotype and photogram workshops.


Unique Photographic Experiences

Traditional Photographic Techniques Made New & Accessible For those of you who love to experience something new or who have used a darkroom in the past and would just love to try it again, we will run photographic workshops, courses and experience days with our darkroom kit at chosen locations across the UK. Our experience days will be truly unique and we will offer a variety of workshops suited to Families, Individuals, Small Parties and Corporate Groups.