About Me

Photography has been a part of my life for, honestly, as long as I can remember. I reeled through film cameras throughout my childhood whilst being encouraged and inspired by my Grandad and Dad who are both keen photographers.


After studying photography at school (we were lucky enough to still have a functioning darkroom back then), although I was adamant I wasn’t going to university, I went on to graduate university with a Photography BA Honours in 2006. For me, film photography is still the most satisfying way to work.


I love to build community wherever I can, especially when it incorporates creativity. Before lockdown life began a friend and I were hosting regular creative meet-ups in Kent; something we really missed in 2020.


This space is as much about my journey with photography as it is about encouraging others on their journey. I hope you will enjoy the site and come and find me on instagram. Photography is such a huge part of most of our lives. I would love to enjoy it with you.

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